Know more about g sync from nvidia

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Know more about g sync from nvidia

Postby giveme » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:46 am

NVIDIA continues to develop this technology to stay ahead and can be enjoyed by more gamers around the world. In addition to bringing support to the notebook, several new features are launched, as well as a number of desktop monitors with various latest variants announced.

Starting from the GeForce Game Ready 353.06 version driver, which optimizes the performance of the latest GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card, Nvidia adds Windowed Mode feature to G-Sync. With this feature we can enjoy playing games with smooth and smooth graphics performance even though it is being played in window or borderless window mode. Enjoy the best gaming performance, Tear-Free and Stutter-Free with any screen mode, we can play Hearthstone or World of Warcraft games, while viewing pages on the internet browser or watching streaming video. This feature is also useful for those of you who often play interesting indie games but do not have full screen support.

To enable Windowed G-SYNC, open the "Set up G-SYNC" option on NVIDIA Control Panel, select "Enable G-SYNC for windowed and full screen mode", then click "Apply" button.

For enthusiasts, Nvidia presents new advanced control options that can disable G-SYNC when the frame rate of a game exceeds the maximum refresh rate that the G-SYNC monitor has. For example, when your frame rate reaches 250 on a 144Hz monitor, this latest option will disable G-SYNC when the frame rate performance exceeds 144FPS. Although it will turn off the G-SYNC technology and tearing display can be present again, but with this feature can increase latency input so that it can be useful for games that require quick reaction. To enable this feature, by changing the Vertical Sync option to "Off" on the Nvidia Control Panel.

Some G-SYNC monitors also support NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) display mode, which will change the backlight's light technique on the monitor to eliminate blur and reduce input latency. The quality of the ULMB itself depends on the frame rate, thus, a high and consistent frame rate ranging from 120-144FPS is needed to prevent disturbance and flickering on the monitor.

To enable the latest ULMB settings option on a ULMB-enabled monitor, open the "Manage 3D Settings" menu in the NVIDIA Control Panel, select one of the game profiles you want to change settings on the "Program Settings" tab and select "ULMB" in the " Monitor Technology ".

In the latest Game Ready driver, you can choose to use G-SYNC or ULMB in the game settings menu, if your monitor supports. This menu allows the selection of different settings in each different game, easily, for example if you want a Counter-Strike game to use ULMB, and choose G-SYNC for The Witcher 3 without requiring any additional input from the user or changing it through the OSD menu on the monitor .

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G-Sync requires a minimum GeForce GTX 650Ti graphics card to be enjoyed. While the monitor is already support G-Sync on the market today is not much. As for notebooks, some major gaming notebook manufacturers have also released their high-end type that already supports G-Sync technology in Computex 2015 event some time ago.

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